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I am very pleased with Sabrina's work, she helped us so much.  I would highly recommend her services.  She will be apart of our team forever.

Bill W.

Great work ethics and great personality.  Was so nice to have all 3 of my grandchildren's bedrooms organized.  They will be so excited!!

Wanda S.

Sabrina did a fantastic job at my house. Two closets. OMG!!!! What a world of difference. She's Good. I highly recommend Sabrina to help you organize any room. 

Tracy H.

Sabrina was prompt and extremely helpful with my organizational needs! I would definitely hire her again, very professional and understanding.

Damont C.

Loved how she made light work out of something I've tried countless times to tackle.

Sydney C.

Sabrina did an excellent job organizing my kitchen.  In fact, the experience exceeded my high expectations.  Sabrina worked quickly & thoroughly, all the while getting my input.  I appreciated Sabrina's willingness to be kind & tolerant of my impolite cat too.  I can't wait to get started on other areas. 

Andrea C. 

I am pleased to confirm that beginning in summer 2018, I have hired Sabrina McIntosh for several hours at a time to help with organizing and decluttering the possessions I have accumulated while living in the same home for 58 years.

          Sabrina has extensive experience in this service, and extensive contacts that help get rid of items no longer needed but which may be useful to someone else.  She is excellent at making me make hard decisions whether to keep items to which I still have some attachment but which have outlived their usefulness.

          She is especially good at holding up something and saying, “Whaddaya wanna do with this?”  She is also expert at opening a drawer for the first time in years, pulling out stuff I have forgotten existed, and putting it in my lap so I have to go through it before I can get out of the chair.

          But she is best at taking the initiative at times when I’m paralyzed with indecision, making productive use of her time, and proceeding to sort through things that need sorting.  She is punctual and reliable, will keep your shoulder to the wheel, and your nose to the grindstone.

          Sabrina will more than earn her pay!

Will A.

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